Bynet Cloud Agility

The Bynet Agility Cloud Platform provides a hybrid cloud solution that allows organizations to use captured data in order to accelerate the development of new applications and services.

Customers who choose to use the Bynet Agility Cloud Platform will enjoy full automation and management of services using private, public and hybrid clouds. In accordance with their demands and regulatory requirements, clients can dynamically select which services will use which cloud.

The Bynet Agility Cloud allows you to utilize your existing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and is comprised of five different services:

Virtual Instances

Virtual Machines (VM) – You will be able to use VM as necessary, with its wide variety of sizes and operating systems. It is possible to use virtual machines on a range of cloud infrastructures: private, public or hybrid.

Cloud Backup

Cloud backup helps ensure your organization’s business survivability. Bynet’s backup services leverage a wide range of technologies from leading manufacturers including NetApp and EMC.

Cloud Storage

Purchase storage space on the cloud based on the performance you require at a given point in time. With the Bynet Cloud Storage service you will not need to purchase large amounts of storage space in advance, only what you currently need.

Cloud Archive

Cloud archive provides affordable long-term storage for information that does not need to be easily accessible.

Cloud Disaster Recovery (DR)

By using Bynet’s Cloud DR capabilities in our server farms located throughout Israel, we ensure that your organization will continue to function under any circumstances.


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