Bynet Cloud Collaboration

Bynet provides organizations with advanced switching services, virtual conference rooms (MCU) and contact centers using innovative cloud-based technology from Cisco.

The solution is comprised of three different services:

UCaaS – Unified Communication as a Service

Managed IP switching, at an attractive price and monthly payments beginning at a monthly rate of NIS 13.5.

The service includes a multi-faceted platform of communication channels:

  • Switchboard
  • Instant Messaging
  • HD Video Conferencing
  • Unified Messaging (voicemail)
  • Sophisticated Contact Center Systems
  • Document Sharing
  • Fax to e-Mail Server
  • Call Routing with Speech Recognition
  • Innovative IVR Systems

Cost effective – Eliminating the cost of purchasing software, hardware and maintenance, while monthly fees are recognized as an operating expense (OPEX)

Efficient – Communication anywhere, anytime enables increased cooperation among employees, clients and suppliers. Using a variety of tools and secure solutions, secure access to network applications is also provided to personal and mobile devices.

Secure communications – Providing risk-free secure data communications

Reliable – Our in-house solution is provided by Cisco, the world’s leading communications equipment vendor

Global reach – Clear, quality communications from anywhere, anytime using any device.

Scalable – We give you the ability to grow and add new applications at any time

Innovative – Balancing a sophisticated user experience with simple solutions
Survivable – Giving you the very best data survivability and service availability


 Contact Center Services

Bynet’s contact center system supports a variety of interactions with service and sales centers. The system includes advanced management tools including historical and real-time reports.

You will receive all of the elements required for the smart and efficient management of your contact center. Using the latest information and facilitating efficient, rich customer experiences, Bynet enables medium and small organizations to affordably benefit from today’s most sophisticated tools, using an advanced Cisco exchange.

Agent – Representative

The agent toolbar provides your customer service reps the ability to handle inquiries in a step-by-step process. Flexible and easy-to-use, the toolbar includes dynamic content and display possibilities, along with ongoing agent work status reporting.

Administrator Tools

The system is supplied with a single, centralized administrative tool for managing the organization’s client contact center. This robust tool includes system design and configuration capabilities, with ongoing management, supervision, monitoring and reporting. It allows you to make changes and adaptations without the need to write lines of code.

Real-Time Monitor – Shift Supervisor

Your contact center manager will have a wide range of management, control and supervisory tools. These include a sophisticated real-time monitor, a warning system and a rich array of historical reports, enabling managers to keep their “finger on the pulse” of your contact center.

Smart Inquiry Routing

When inquiries are smartly routed, not only will your customer contact center’s productivity increase, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction.  Your organization’s unique set of business rules will determine how incoming calls are handled. Smart routing combines client profile, agent skills and business rules enabling calls to be directed to the most appropriate agent.

In-Queue Services

Keep customers engaged with in-queue services during client call waiting time. These services include: queue status, predicted wait time, general information and marketing information.

Future Expansion

The system can be expanded as your organization’s needs grow, facilitating a smooth transition to an expanded solution.

Video Bridging – Tele-Presence As A Service

The way we interact professionally has changed. A new generation has joined the labor market, bringing with it new styles of communication, work habits and collaboration methods. Today’s workplace is located anywhere employees can function efficiently, using a wide variety of devices. Face-to-face conversations and meetings using HD (high definition) video is one of the most effective communication tools available in the new work environment.

Bynet Video Bridging Benefits

  • Improved interpersonal communications with clients and suppliers
  • Better intra-organizational communication in dispersed organizations
  • Reduced travel costs
  • Increased cooperation with traveling employees
  • Secure access to shared tools (knowledge and information) using smart devices — anytime, anywhere, with any communications infrastructure
  • Simple and user-friendly
  • Quick, uniform and secure deployment
  • Pre-determined expenditure, without the need to install, upgrade or manage expensive solutions
  • Proven architecture, survivability and security based on Cisco infrastructure

Bynet Video Bridging gives you a competitive advantage and increases cooperation levels with your business and organizational partners:

Virtual Conference Room (VMR) – Providing a password-protected video messaging conference room where internal and external participants can meet. The conference room supports the presentation of content at a variety of resolutions.

Virtual Ports – Via an allocation of HD conference resources throughout your organization.

Room Systems – Select from the most innovative room systems available manufactured by Cisco. Ideal solutions for any size — new or existing – conference rooms.

Integrated Screens and Monitors – Upgrade existing conference rooms into video and partnership centers, promoting inter-group and cooperative communications with enriched content.

As an added-value service, Bynet offers the design and implementation of multimedia rooms, conference rooms and smart meeting rooms.

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