Security Cloud Services

DDoS Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are currently the most popular form of cyber- attack due to their ease of implementation and efficacy. The purpose of the attack is to thwart a variety of organizational services, causing economic losses, damage to organizational reputation and loss of client contact. Bynet protects your site against small-scale DDoS attacks, while a comprehensive approach to prevent larger-scale attacks combines a cloud and onsite solution. Our security experts monitor your systems 24 hours a day.

Cloud Firewall

The Cloud Firewall allows an organization to utilize Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) services in the cloud configuration, wherever its employees might be — office, home or traveling. The cloud solution makes it possible to enforce a uniform information security policy for all your employees, in every situation and in all places.

Cloud Identity Management (IDM)

IDM services in the cloud are the perfect platform for managing your employee’s lifecycle — from the moment they are hired until they leave their job. The solution incorporates a variety of modules to address all of your organization’s needs with a single sign-on; uniform access to all organizational applications; smart identification with OTP (one-time password); and full IDM services.

Cloud WAF

Cloud WAF (Web Application Firewall) services are designed for any organization whose Internet site is open to the public. With the objective to infiltrate your network via the Internet, attacks against sites of this type are very common. In order to protect your site, it is necessary to implement an advanced, focused and easy-to-use solution. Cloud WAF services facilitate rapid, efficient deployment of a purpose-built layer of defense for all your organization’s websites. Managed by skilled professional analysts, the solution is customized to meet your needs and for maximum efficacy in preventing attacks.

Cloud Scrubbing Center

This service makes it possible to thoroughly cleanse files being transmitted through e-mail. We use the most advanced security mechanisms available to identify and block Zero-Day malware and other sophisticated forms of attack.

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