Community Bynet

Bynet for the youth

29.04.15, 17:28

Gesher association was founded in 2002, by Vered and Dov Halperin. In 2004 the organization’s first “Warm Home” was built in Ben Gurion and in 2011 another “Warm Home” was inaugurated in Neve Sharett. The association addresses teens from low socioeconomic backgrounds with learning, emotional and social difficulties. Boys and girls who want to rise…

The value of contribution to the community at RAD – Bynet group

25.04.15, 17:20

As part of the RAD Bynet Group, we believe it is our duty to contribute to the community in which we operate. This guiding principle is based on: Belief in the importance of education to reduce socio-economic gaps in Israeli society Providing equal opportunities for all segments of the population Investing in children and adolescents,…

Communication for the future

25.04.15, 17:24

This is a high-tech training project for Ethiopian students, in cooperation with Cisco’s Tech Career College. At the end of the program, 16 students graduated with a CCNP diploma; six of them were hired by Bynet.

The main areas RAD- Bynet focuses on for community

25.04.15, 17:23

Closing the social gap and training high-tech engineers Donating Internet-connected computer rooms to boarding schools, community centers, and libraries across the country Providing scholarships for students in electronics, computers and software Contribution to the development of higher education institutions Volunteering in schools and boarding schools across the country fundraising events for needy organizations Activity in the…

Journey to IT

25.04.15, 17:24

The Journey project is a Zionist project, initiated by the Government of Israel and the Jewish Agency, which enables young Jews from around the world to learn and integrate into Israel’s job market. Journey to IT is a technology training project specifically designed for young Jewish people from the Former Soviet Union (FSU). The program…

“High-tech Horizons”

25.04.15, 17:24

The high-tech industry in Israel needs thousands of engineers and scientists to continue its growth and significant contribution to the Israeli economy. Many talented young people live in the periphery. For various reasons, many of them do not meet the acceptance criteria of academic institutions of higher education in these fields. If we pave the…

Donation of computer rooms

25.04.15, 17:27

The RAD Bynet Group donates computer rooms and communications infrastructure to boarding schools and hostels around the country. So fa, 65 computer rooms have been donated to such institutions, serving over 8,000 students. The purpose of the donations is to expose underprivileged children to the world of computers and the Internet, in order to reduce…

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