Bynet Communications appointed as Amazon Web Services distributor in Israel

Bynet Communications, member of the RAD-Bynet Group, was appointed as distributor of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Israel. From now Amazon’s cloud services may be purchased directly from Bynet which will also provide an end-to-end solution for their assimilation, including consulting, planning, implementation, support and maintenance.

Amazon established AWS activity in Israel in 2006 to provide its cloud services to clients in all sizes, from gigantic organizations to mid-size businesses to start-ups. AWS provides cloud environments for various purposes, such as development, conducting tests, big data analysis, test-runs of web, mobile and social applications, organizational applications and workload management in critical systems.

Harel Ifhar, AWS Israel CEO: “Ever since we established our business in Israel, we have become one of the most fast growing markets for Amazon in the cloud area. This shows that the Israeli market has realized that it is better to focus on core business and export everything else to the cloud. As part of the expansion trend in Israel, we have chosen Bynet Communications as distributor based on its experience and know how in this area as well as the strong ecosystem it has built as a leading integrator in the local and international IT market”.

Danny Bilitzky, VP Sales – Computer Division, Bynet Communications: “The cooperation with AWS is the obvious next step in the overall process of building the cloud field at Bynet Communications over the past years. Bynet will operate in the organizational market offering Amazon’s cloud services separately or as part of the cloud management system which is being built by Bynet Agility Cloud Platform. We are pleased to have been chosen as a value-added distributor which is also capable of providing end-to-end consulting and support services and are certain we can support the growth trend in assimilating cloud in organizations in Israel”.

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