Bynet Data Communications to Market Automic’s Products in Israel

Bynet Data Communications has started marketing Automic‘s products in Israel. Automic (formerly UC4) is a private company established in 1985, with headquarters located in Vienna, Austria and offices in Seattle and London. The company operates in the field of process automation and has over 2,000 organizational clients from the finance, telecom, retail and infrastructure industries.

Automic’s technology enables organizations to automate processes anywhere in different organizational systems. The solution may be based on a completely fixed series of actions, a variable process or a combination of a fixed process and variable factors. Automating such processes streamlines the organization’s operation and significantly reduces the manpower and organizational resources necessary to manage the business and its technological systems.

Automic’s tools are used to conduct periodic processes or in response to the occurrence of a predefined event. In this way, for examine, finance companies, subject to changing regulatory and market demands, can quickly and efficiently respond using the Automic system. Changes are made automatically and quickly, and on a high level of quality, with no human interference, so that the client support operation system is unharmed and business continuity is maintained.

The combination of Automic tools and Bynet Data Communications’ range of capabilities offers Israeli clients with central management of all daily, periodic and irregular manufacturing processes; provides a full solution to the client’s application and infrastructure demands; improves service and support through the customer call center and the special purpose team to assist the client; converts existing batch work systems to the Automic system (as necessary); documents present system processes for the purpose of preserving organizational knowledge; optimizes present system processes while improving their maintenance and operation; assimilates new processes in the new system; automates data center IT; and more.

Stephen Meyerhofer, Middle East Partner Relations Manager, Automic: “We chose to work in Israel with Bynet Data Communications as we were impressed with its capabilities and commitment to its clients, and especially by their work approach where a customized solution is matched for the client, rather than settling for an off-the-shelf product. I am certain that the combination of Automic’s technologies and Bynet Data Communications will allow Israeli clients to make the most of automation.”

Danny Bilitski, VP IT Department, Bynet Data Communications: “The field of automation is developing quickly, as more and more organizations understand the benefit of creating an automatic process routine both for the purpose of managing business processes and in the field of their Data infrastructure. Automic’s great advantage over its competitors is in its ability to provide an end-to-end solution, while at the same time allowing modular assimilation of components – as per the client’s needs and demands. It should be emphasized that the system has a high integration capacity and it is possible to integrate it in various diverse environments – this capability is maintained both in the customer site environments and in different cloud environments.”

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