Bynet signed a strategic partnership agreement with Indian Uniken

Bynet signed a strategic partnership agreement with Indian Uniken and will exclusively represent in Israel the solutions of the company which is considered a market leader in the field of digital security. Under the partnership agreement, Bynet will serve as the sales, implementation and service arm of Uniken and support its penetration and expansion efforts in Israel. This move is part of the expansion plan defined by Uniken, internationally and in Israel in particular.

Uniken protects the digital assets of an organization – server applications (network and mobile applications) and data against unauthorized users and elements that wish to harm the organization, through Uniken’s flagship product, REL-ID Digital Security Platform that protects the organization’s digital relations with customers, employees and partners. REL-ID is a plug & play Digital Security Platform which enables enterprises to provide services across multiple digital channels by creating a private, massively scalable, secure digital environment. This way the enterprise enjoys a highly reliable infrastructure for managing its relations with its customers, employees and partners. Uniken’s platform creates a closed digital ecosystem which is exclusively accessible to authorized users and devices thereby simplifying access to all digital services and critical business applications and securing data transfer. Half of India leading banks use REL-ID.

Sanjay Deshpande, Uniken Founder and CEO: “As a leading, experienced integration company in Israel that provides a package of services, know-how and broad contacts, Bynet Communications is the ideal partner to set up, establish and expand our business activity in Israel. The cyber security market in Israel has substantially developed in the past years and Bynet Communications has established its international status as a provider of comprehensive information security solutions and services. We are pleased to cooperate with Bynet incorporating our vision to create a secured private network with Bynet’s specialty and capabilities for providing added value to end customers”.

Zvika Friedlander, Manager of Information Security Division at Bynet Communications: “We are happy about this cooperation and about Uniken’s trust in our ability to support its penetration efforts into the Israeli market. Bynet Communications has a diversified, broad portfolio of information security products and services that, in conjunction with high-standard human resources, provides customers with an integrative, added value solution. By joining our line of products Uniken reinforces our status in the local market enabling us to continue increasing value for the customer.”

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