Managed Services

Managing your organization’s communication needs is a complex and costly task that can be resource intensive. Deploying new systems, maintaining, upgrading and improving their performance are ongoing tasks with high operational costs – particularly in new fields or in fields with a special professional focus.

Managed services can significantly help with the daily management of your technological systems. The key is to select the right service provider. One that can manage your IT systems end-to-end and offer expertise, experience and an uncompromising level of service. They will need to be flexible, and have the ability to work with a wide range of vendors, technologies and geographical locations. In addition, you need to trust that they will be able to handle all the above and much more.

With 40 years of experience in a range of ICT fields, our customers trust us to consistently supply the highest level of management services. Our services are efficient and cost-effective thanks to the scale, the adherence to proven methodology and the high levels of standardization we bring to our operations.

Our managed services are based on decades of expertise that we have acquired in the fields of cloud, data center and IT management. You will be able to transfer your IT activities to the best and most experienced personnel available using the most advanced equipment. With a clear SLA that defines the value and savings you will get from doing so. By moving to a managed service model, you will be able to shift your focus from ongoing maintenance to proactive strategies and innovation and will have the ability to swiftly respond to changing business needs.

Quality and reliability is ensured at every level by employing recognized technology management experts who use industry compliant, leading-edge work procedures, such as the ITIL method. We also offer our expertise in complementary systems via our global partnerships with leading technology suppliers such as Cisco, VMware, Check Point, Juniper, Palo Alto, EMC, Net-App and others.

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