Support Services

Multiple suppliers, multiple technologies, geographic distribution – one ICT service partner

At the rate businesses develop today, if your IT infrastructure performs poorly or experiences downtime, the damages can be significant including decreased performance, lost revenue and time, and a slip in your competitive advantage. The question is: How do you ensure the performance you need while maintaining the convenience and security that an in-house solution may provide?

Support services for systems must be end-to-end and have the ability to support a wide range of vendors, license types, technologies, hardware and even regional needs. Employing an internal professional team with the expertise to address all of your IT needs, and the ability to manage unexpected down time is a possible but a very expensive solution.

For this reason, many organizations understand the need and the benefit of proactive IT support that ensures business continuity and survivability of the systems. Bynet’s maintenance and support services offer you a varied selection of products and flexible service solutions that fully cover your computer and communications infrastructure.

However, when the systems do fall, do your maintenance arrangements ensure immediate accessibility to the required resources? Can they resolve malfunctions quickly and efficiently in accordance with the level of service contract (SLA)?

These services make advanced budgetary planning possible, help you allocate personnel more efficiently, and are delivered by recognized industry professionals. They will resolve malfunctions quickly, efficiently and in accordance to your service level agreement, ensuring your availability and reducing the risk and cost of unplanned downtime.

Bynet Support Services Highlights

  • Uncompromising Service – Global Reach: No matter where you are located, we promise to provide consistently uncompromising levels of service to your entire organization throughout its geographic distribution.
  • World-renowned Expertise: You will have access to our global team of top-flight engineers, specializing in a wide and varied range of technological fields. When necessary, we can offer the expertise of professionals in complementary fields thanks to our global partnerships with market-leading vendors, such as Cisco VMware, Check Point, Radware, Juniper, PaloAlto, Dell and others.
  • Unbeatable SLAs: Our service level agreements incessantly push us to solve your issues fast. The clock starts ticking the moment your call is received or whenever you open an online service ticket. With a range of options, you can choose the SLA that is precisely suited to your organization, systems and hardware.
  • One Service Center: Due to the amount of service providers and different systems, it can be very difficult to evaluate the actual level of service provided and the ROI over time. The time and effort involved in managing multiple suppliers and service providers adversely affect service quality. It can result in reduced levels of contractual coverage and/or equipment that is not properly maintained. Bynet allows you to centralize all your maintenance and support needs, ensuring that you always have the reliable, consistent service you need for business continuity.
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