Collaboration & Customer interaction


Collaboration solutions change the way organizations think, operate, and communicate. Based on our extensive experience, Bynet offers a variety of collaboration solutions of the highest standard, using leading manufacturers, while ensuring uncompromising professionalism. Collaboration services include:

  • Unified communication systems
  • Customer service centers (contact centers)
  • IPTV broadcasting over private or public cloud
  • System for management and distribution of enterprise video
  • Advanced video communication networks (video conferencing)
  • Content and screen recording solutions
  • Multimedia systems and smart A/V rooms
  • Digital signage

Recognized for its audio/video expertise and profound knowledge of IT integration, Bynet is on the leading edge of the Israeli A/V industry. Bynet can provide your company a wide variety of multimedia communication solutions that meet the highest standards, from the best manufacturers in the field, all with uncompromising professionalism.

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