Network Solutions

Bynet provides organizations and enterprises with a wide range of solutions, technologies, and services in the field of data communications. Bynet is a market leader in the adoption, training, marketing, and application of advanced technologies in Israel, in cooperation with the world’s leading manufacturers, specializing in:

  • SDN / NFV
  • Data center networks (DC)
  • Traffic management (QoS)
  • Optimization and application acceleration
  • Secure remote access
  • Internet infrastructure and service providers
  • Local area networks (LAN/WAN)

Wireless Communication

Bynet’s rich experience in wireless communications enables it to provide advanced mobility solutions, tailored to the unique needs and environments of its customers.

Our wireless product range includes solutions for:

  • Advanced wireless LAN technologies
  • Identification and prevention of hostile wireless IDS / IPS attacks in compliance with standards
  • Establishment of Metro WIFI networks
  • Establishment of “smart cities” for city management
  • High-speed wireless radio arteries between sites
  • Mobility for mobile applications in moving vehicles
  • Mobile application solutions for secure links between remote sites
  • Military-grade wireless communication systems
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