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Integrated solutions for computer-based systems, built on computing platforms from the world's leading manufacturers with specialization in OEM, ODM and Embedded solutions

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Bynet OEM is a Division within Bynet Data Communication. Our mission is to provide our customers with OEM Solutions, powered by Advanced ICT technology. As such, we offer solutions and services for various companies- ranging from startups to global corporations. Since 2005 Bynet OEM provide leading OEM Turnkey solutions in the fields of Medical, High-tech, and military industries. We take an active role in solution definition and configuration management all the way to shipping to the end-customers while complying with the highest standards. Our variety of solutions includes brands of leading manufacturers in the fields of OEM, Embedded systems, and White Label. We take pride in servicing our customers from the first Design stages thus defining the optimal architecture for their product or system. The process includes the option of branding the system according to the customer's choice. In this framework, we provide you with a POC (prototype) system in order to benchmark the required performance and smooth the transition process from development to production.. Systems can be delivered to the customer production line or to your end client, according to your choice. Bynet OEM customers can choose their system delivery from 3 different manufacturing sites, located in Israel, the United States, and Europe. all sites are operating under copy exact configuration, which enables configuration longevity.

You define your challenge- we will handle all the rest

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OEM Solutions

We will develop the solution for you in the most cost effective way, based on world class leaders platforms such as DELL, HP, NVIDIA, SUPERMICRO and INTEL and others. bynet's leading AI, Cloud and security capabilities could be set up in your product solution giving an edge upon your competition

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Why choose Bynet OEM Solutions?

You invent solutions this is what you do best, so you have an idea that you want to become a product to be sold on the market But its along journey from an idea to a product Because design, development manufacturing and logistics takes time Bynet OEM engage with your product needs at the beginning of your design stages- our expertise is to lead your idea from design to a full product in the most cost effective way-that way you save time, money and efforts We shorten your product time to market!

Requirement Analysis

Our experienced engineering team will help you define your demands, locate the system and computing requirements per product, or service Solution Design ·Planning and branding ·Modelling and POC performance ·Integration, meticulous inspection, and configuration freeze ·Pre FAI Equipment – first batch production

Solution Development

As developing cycles shortens, you need a partner with strong engineering abilities. Our system engineers are working hands on with your  R&D teams from day one. We will develop the solution for you in the most cost effective way, based on world class leaders platforms such as DELL, HP, NVIDIA,  SUPERMICRO and INTEL and others. bynet’s leading AI, Cloud and security capabilities could be set up in your product solution. giving an edge upon your competition.


As a Bynet OEM customer, you have the ability and flexibility to choose your best manufacturing location, out of our 3 integration facilities: ISRAEL, US and Europe. Theses site work in copy exact under the highest quality standards.

Logistics,Delivery and world wide service

We handle every aspect of the logistics, delivery and service from order to delivery anywhere in the world, by so giving our customers the freedom to focus solely on their business development Quality Assurance. Bynet OEM’s customers enjoy our leading QA process supervised under the most stringent standards, including medical standards ISO27001-2013, ISO9001-2015, and ISO13485-2016

Quality Assurance

We meet the highest standards, including medical standards ISO27001-2013, ISO9001-2015, and ISO13485-2016 Logistics. Bynet OEM ships anywhere in the world, either directly to your manufacturing line or the end-customer, our services include: ·Packaging and world-wide shipping ·Global Service and maintenance.

Personal Management

Each of our clients is teamed up with one of our professional account managers for the duration of the product or service cycle. Our engineering team will support your product throughout its life time in order to ensure your customer product stability and longevity



Health Care & Medical devices Bynet OEM provides Turnkey solutions for the Healthcare Industry, that includes SW installment services according to Healthcare and Medical device industry requirements. We offer various optimal solutions, including upgraded high-performance computing working stations and high-end graphic processing power, motherboards, designed touchscreens, tablet PC, power sources specially designed for the Medical device Industry, medical trollies, IEC-60601 standard equipment, and more,. Bynet is operating under ISO13485 standard required for the production of Finish Medical Device
ODM-Embedded Computing for Industrial or Military systems Bynet OEM is an International supplier of industrial and military systems , including solutions such as IPC, Single Board Computers, and more. Our OEMspecializes in every aspect of the design, R&D and engineering such as creation and maintenance of production and integration files, along with full brand integration and embedded computers. Military Systems: Bynet OEM supplies specially-designed rugged products and off-the-shelf rugged products under MIL-STD as part of its end-to-end solution. Bynet's specialists are tuned to create high-end solutions designed to answer the particular challenges of the military industry, including organization-level solutions.
AI-Artificial Intelligence Bynet OEM provides leading cutting edge computing solutions for AI applications that combine cloud and/or On-premises analytics. Our specialists will take part in defining the platform, processing power and security model needed while designing the architecture to enable business growth over time. Bynet's leading integration abilities provide a fast solution application while adding value to your business and increasing your competitive edge.
OEM Computing Solutions | Advanced ICT Technology - Bynet

Yossi Ratsabi

Bynet Data communication OEM Division GM

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