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Subscription-based managed cloud switchboard solution

When signing up to the CloudPhone service by Bynet, the leading telephony solutions integration company in Israel, you join millions of existing customers all around the world who are already using Cisco's latest technology

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CloudPhone Solutions

Advanced switchboard The most advanced IP switchboard solution in the world, with voice mail, Click2Dial, Fax2Mail, conference calls, and more. CloudPhone is a full end-to-end service that eliminates the need to invest in local infrastructures
Wide choice of devices select the right device for each role in the organization: from basic and cost-effective Cisco IP phone to leading Cisco Video Phones
Internal Chat A unified internal communication platform that allows team members to communicate via text, audio, and video messaging whether they are at their desk, cell phone, or laptop
Call Center A managed call center to improve your customer service with a host of self-service functions, such as an advanced agent toolbar, call center schedule management, smart dialer system and various reports
Graphical Call Routing Interface Shorten the customer waiting time by providing a smart and easy to use graphical user interface for quick call routing on mobile devices
Multiple Communication Channels Interact with your customers in their platform of choice: chat on the company website, WhatsApp, Facebook, email, SMS, and more
Chatbot Use smart conversational chatbots and reduce customer service costs and waiting times. The AI chatbot understands customer queries and can give intelligent answers until a solution has been reached
Call Recoding Record and archive calls by the employees or call center agents. The recording system can record calls and/or screen activity during a call, to enable more effective feedback on the call
Speech Recognition Enhance the customer experience with an accurate and effective speech recognition system. The users can receive service by speaking without the need to press buttons or wait on the line

The Benefits of Bynet CloudPhone Service

CloudPhone is Bynet cloud telephony service, an innovative, simple to use, and cost-effective solution powered by the most advanced technology currently available

Leadership in Israel

Year after year, Bynet is ranked first in the Telephony and Call Center segment (according to study by STKI). Bynet’s is known for its quality of service and expertise

The most advanced technology

CloudPhone is powered by Cisco’s award-winning technology. Migrating to cloud telephony service will upgrade your business activity

Monthly Subscription Model

Gone are the days buying a switchboard and equipment. CloudPhone provides everything you need: endpoint devices (such as the telephones), management, operation, and maintenance for a fixed monthly fee

Full end-to-end managed service

There is no longer a need for a dedicated IT team for running and maintaining the organization’s switchboard. When you sign up to the CloudPhone service, Bynet assumes full responsibility. Bynet takes care of all the updates, handle failures, and monitor your system 24/7 while performing preventive maintenance to prevent failures before they occur

A flexible all-in-one solution
A flexible all-in-one solution

CloudPhone is a modular solution allowing you to choose the plan that most suits your needs. You can add options or upgrade to a higher performance tier at any time. The organization is experiencing significant growth? Want to add voice mails? Fax2Mail? Call center? Video conference calls?


"Bynet's cloud solution... is leveling the playing field. I can now benefit from the most current and advanced technology at a price point a growing company can afford.

Oren Tal, CEO Espresso Club


"The system allows us to work as a One Stop Shop and provide solutions to every customer query no matter through which channel it was made. Now we already have an easier and available way to analyze the data. Working with Bynet has been a real pleasure."

Michal Lissauer, CIO, Madanes Insurance


"We looked into several solutions, but it was only when we met with Bynet that we found a solution that meets all our needs."

Testimonials "We looked into several solutions, but it was only when we met with Bynet that we found a solution that meets all our needs." Tzach Harrari, Deputiy CEO, Care

Yaniv Wolf

Unified Communication & Contact Center Manager

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