Today’s technological world requires comprehensive solutions to complex challenges. The professionals of Bynet’s OEM Solutions division are prepared to provide the full range of necessary solutions to its customers to enable them to meet their business goals. The division designs and manufactures industrial computing systems and medical complex customer specifications and provide solutions for all extents of various industries, telecommunications, machinery and medical equipment.
The division provides clients with the OEM comprehensive solutions ranging from characterization, product design, engineering, modeling, switching to mass production of products and delivery to any destination both locally and internationally.

Perfect integration solutions
The OEM division provides solutions for the integration of computer-based systems, computing platforms built on the world’s leading manufacturers, with expertise in solutions such as OEM, ODM and Embedded.
The OEM Division utilizes an advanced system, enabling them to manufacture and integrate via the logistics center, both in Israel and around the world, providing customers a full turnkey system.
The OEM Division maintains compliance with the most stringent quality requirements by ISO9001-2000, ISO27001, and ISO13485 unique standard required for the production of Finish Medical device

Advanced OEM solutions
Often, OEM products are an integral part of the combined final system. It is highly significant to customize the OEM product to the final product, and sometimes to “freeze” the configuration over time (for example, due requirements of the FDA). Therefore, The design requires careful planning, including unique solutions and innovative tandem with the ability to maintain the configuration and ensure customer quality solution over time.

The OEM Division offers a complete solution:

  • Assistance in defining the requirements for characterizing the chosen solution
  • Set the contents of the product and POC
  • Management of the procurement process
  • Inventory management and product versions
  • Systems integration and assembly, on local sites or overseas, according to customer requirements under the supervision of professional quality assurance system in several locations
  • Perform final testing, packaging and shipping all over the world based on customer requirements
  • Maintenance and service, including international service

Why choose OEM solutions Bynet’s
The OEM Division characterizes and develops computer systems, industrial and medical, according to customer requirements. The Division provides a broad range of solutions for industry sectors, telecommunications companies, machine manufacturers and medical device companies.
Bynet OEM is a global supplier of products, services and IT solutions. The company serves global distribution channels for its customers while maintaining the highest standards in the field.

Key areas of expertise:
Integration engineers, technicians, engineers and QA specialists and highly trained staff are always on the client’s’ side. The department is responsible for marketing a range of products with a variety of responsibilities: product against product, advanced RMA services, on-site service, etc.
Industrial and Embedded Computing
Bynet OEM provides world-class solutions for the industrial market, IPC solutions, Single Board Computers, and other industry solutions. The division specializes in all phases of planning, development, engineering, development and production integration files creation, as well as full integration of brand name and embedded computers.

Medical computers
Bynet OEM provides turnkey solutions for companies that develop medical instrumentation and equipment, offering installation services according to the unique requirements of medical products. Customers in this segment are developers, manufacturers and distributors of medical and aesthetic devices.
To provide optimal solutions in the medical field, Bynet provides various solutions, including upgraded workstations with the highest level of graphics processing power, computer boards, dedicated touch screens, tablet computers, power supplies specifically designed for the medical field, IEC-60601 and more.
Bynet complies with the ISO13485 standard, required for the manufacture of a Finish Medical device.

Consulting and design according to customer requirements
Design solutions for the implementation of packages, from design and construction of product portfolios, through production and full dedicated integration and standardization of the final product. The division provides hardware-level integration and software integration, as well as delivery and deployment for customers all over the world.

Logistics services
Comprehensive Logistics solutions, inventory management services according to customer requirements. The services include maintenance alongside RMA management on Israel and abroad.

The telecom sector has special needs, with large telecom providers dictating strict and unique standards as a threshold for working with them.
Telecom needs are complex and may include DC requirements and compliance with NEBS 2 & 3 standards. Bynet delivers systems comprised of off-the-shelf systems for customized personal computing solutions and servers, and CPCI & ATCA solutions.
ISV – Independent Software Provider
Bynet OEM division maintains a high emphasis on ISV companies from various software fields, providing them turnkey solutions.

OEM Products
Network Appliances
Bynet OEM offers a broad range of switches, ranging from off-the-shelf products from the leading manufacturers to tailor-made solutions to customer requirements. The division offers a range of solutions for low range to high-end solutions, including full customer branding.

Embedded Systems:
Bynet OEM provides IPC solutions, Single Board Computers, Computer-on-Modules, and other industrial solutions featuring longevity in accordance to project requirements. All stages of design, development, engineering, production file creation and integration, as well as full integration of brand name and embedded computers.

Industrial servers:
Bynet OEM offers a broad range of server systems and custom solutions, ranging from low to high-end range. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to lead projects of any complexity for customers, from simple servers with minor adjustments and longevity corresponding to the requirements of the project, through servers adapted to work in a virtual environment while maximizing place rack to GPGPU based solutions to support complexed calculation and image processing tasks.

Storage systems:
Bynet OEM offers a broad range of storage solutions, from off-the-shelf products from the leading manufacturers, to products tailored to unique customer requirements. The division offers a range of solutions for low range to high-end solutions, including full customer branding.
Rack cabinet:
As a provider of turnkey solutions, the OEM Division offers different types of server cabinets Rack type and dimensions tailored to the requirements of the project. The division works with several leading manufacturers that can build cabinets on every height and depth, and provides expert services in assembly and integration within the clients’ systems.

OEM services
Turn Key Projects
Bynet OEM specializes in providing complete solutions for an extensive variety of customer requirements. The service is comprised of Consulting, characterization, planning, engineering through the stages of building the product as an independent unit or in a rack, and up to operational, logistical and global distribution stages.

Systems Integration:
The OEM division provides comprehensive integration possibilities, ranging from simple software integration on industry-standard servers, through a combination of custom expansion cards and third-party components.
Our team has extensive experience in a variety of testing and QA processes and to this end, developed unique test environments that can perform multiple tests while maintaining high levels of quality alongside lower costs.

Global logistics services:
we allow businesses to expand their operations in new territories quickly and efficiently by using a global logistics system within one working interface, saving considerable time and money.

Supply Chain Management:
Highly experienced in supplying the right product to the right place at the right time. Thanks to the division’s strong relationships with leading global suppliers and intelligent use of supply chains management, we ensure our clients faster process management, more efficient and accurate.

Branded OEM services:
Bynets’ OEM division enables its customers full branding and customization of products. Our clients can make color adjustments, re-paint, embed their logo and customize the packaging side panels and documentation for the exclusive needs of each client.



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