Honour bestowed on Bynet for its efforts during the Protective Edge operation

During the ceremony held at the Ministry of Defence for companies that contributed to the war effort during the “Protective Edge” operation, Bynet Data Communications received a Certificate of Appreciation for the company’s extraordinary activity during the operation. The following wording appeared on the Certificate of Appreciation that the company received: “Thanks and appreciation to Bynet Data Communications for its extraordinary undertaking during the “Protective Edge” operation to supply the Ministry of Defence and the IDF with products and services, for its assistance and support of the war effort and for reinstating calm to the settlements in the south”. Alon Ben Tzur, CEO of Bynet Data Communications received the Certificate of Appreciation from Major General (Res.) Dan Harel, Director General of the Ministry of Defence, and Brigadier General (Res.) Shmuel Tzuker, Deputy Director General and Purchasing Manager at the Ministry of Defence.

Alon Ben Tzur, CEO Bynet Data Communications stated that “The Ministry of Defence chose to award us, and several leading Israeli companies, an award of excellence for our unique contribution to the Ministry of Defence and the IDF during the “Protective Edge” operation. The ceremony was particularly moving in the light of the fact that Bynet was the only company in the ICT market that received this award. From the start of the operation we activated all the configurations at Bynet, and in particular the people in the Service Division and the Defence Division in the company, in order to satisfy the needs of the defence forces and the defence industry, to enable and support the military activity on land, in the air and at sea. Alongside this we gave high priority to assistance to civilian entities in the south – governmental ministries, public organizations, municipalities, hospitals, companies and businesses who were located at the heart of the operation.”

Oz Yaakov, Deputy CEO of Bynet Data Communications and Manager of the Service Division of the company, stated that “Right at the start of the “Protective Edge” operation the entire service configuration undertook to help the defence forces, as well as civilian entities and businesses operating on the front line. Our technological configuration in entirety took part is assisting the war effort, and responded to any appeal or request by the defence forces. The tasks that we undertook included establishment of new operational layouts, tests of layouts prior to use, expansion of existing layouts, enhancement of abilities of the existing layouts and maintenance of complex technological configurations. This included execution of works in communications, information security and computerization: operation of technological systems critical for battle; assistance in returning to operation all the systems that were unusable due to malfunctions or breakages; supply of spare parts; integration of the technological systems on the first front line and during combat; and more.

Bynet’s assistance to the IDF was very comprehensive. It included assistance with the combatant forces and the combat support system, whether in the land, air or sea services. The determination of our employees was also expressed when they were placed to carry out assignments shoulder to shoulder with the combat forces, sometimes under fire, around the clock, day or night. This when their colleagues, who remained to carry out the ongoing activity of the company, often served as the second line for handling any technological problem or issue that arose.

Additional support that we carried out for the war effort was the support that we offered during combat and following it to the defence industries, companies bearing a considerable burden of defence by protecting all the means of combat required in the IDF and the defence forces. Here too we gave priority of our resources in order to close off technological disparities, maintenance and resolution of malfunctions and problems that arose, all in real time, and with the objective of enabling the plants not to stop for one moment and to continue to supply the defence forces with its needs. All this was performed while tens of top class professional employees were called to reserve duty with an immediate recruitment order and were thereby absent from the current work teams.”

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