1+ Billion in 2016
4.7 out of 5

This is the customer satisfaction rating of Bynet Data Communications in an annual survey

A winning method

Close cooperation with leading companies, provide us access to the most advanced and innovative technologies

42 Years of excellence

Bynet Group was established over four decades ago and has since gained a reputation as a technology partner and provider of comprehensive solutions

50% of our service calls processed & closed same day

About Bynet Data Communications

Bynet is Israel’s leading provider of end-to-end integration solutions and services. The company was founded in 1975 and is part of the RAD Bynet Group. Today, Bynet offers various solutions such as: cloud services, telephony, data security and cyber, enterprise video network management, data center solutions and mobility solutions.
The group consists of more than 20 high-tech companies, representing a total annual income of $1.2 billion, and currently is at the forefront of the industry as an advanced solution provider for organizations and enterprises.

Bynet Management Team

Yehuda Zisapel Chairman Rad-Bynet Group
Alon Ben-Zur CEO
Zvika Shkiller Deputy CEO
Judy Efrimi VP Human Resources
Roy Kadir CFO
Amir Forkosh VP Advanced Technologies and Solutions
Chen Azoulay EVP Systems and General Manager Integrated Projects
Oz Jacob EVP Program Delivery and Costumer Support
Tomer Becker VP Operations
Tuvi Ashkenazi VP Business
Nir Maman VP Marketing
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