As a leader in its field, Bynet sees great importance in involvement and social activity and encourages its employees to volunteer for the community.
It recognizes the importance of social responsibility and helps to maintain equal opportunities and reduce social gaps while avoiding extraneous and impartial considerations. Bynet focuses on assisting the youth in personal, social, professional, and academic aspects in various channels:

Tech Career 

Bynet offers Ethiopian young men and women a unique, integrated, and innovative program that offers its participants a real opportunity to acquire the knowledge, experience, and skills required to integrate and develop in the communications world, pursue a career, and become financially independent. The program includes high-quality technological training, enrichment workshops for personal development, and placement services in the high-tech world.

Bridge to Youth

An organization for the advancement of youth at risk, which significantly reduces the dropout rate of youth at risk in Israel and gives them equal opportunities for future success. Bynet adopts the “warm home” in Neve Sharett, to provide an opportunity for self-fulfillment and successful integration into the circles of the family, society, army, and economy. We at Bynet are working on a personal channel that includes educational reinforcement and personal mentoring, organizing enjoyable activities, all aimed to support and create a smile and joy.


Exposing the potential of young people and the young generation to the world of industry to lead values and work culture. Bynet supports the ORT school in Holon and maintains lectures and workshops on information security and cyber.

Ofakim High Tech 

The program bridges economic and academic gaps to enable admission to academic studies in the fields of engineering and science.

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