Cloud Disaster Recovery – Use Bynet’s Disaster Recovery capabilities to keep your organization operational in any given scenario.
Bynet provides a wide range of DRaaS services that are continually expanding such as:
DR implementation through replication and storage for cloud-based systems
Replication of cloud backup environment and full automation for DR implementation
DR services for the VMware environment without compromising PROD performance
Bynet’s NetApp backup and DR solution make it possible to take advantage of the on-premises storage system capabilities at the customer’s site for peace of mind and fast, reliable backup.
NetApp’s SnapMirror solution enables you to synchronize information on your primary NetApp storage system (SAN and NAS) to the Bynet cloud site. NetApp SnapMirror capability synchronizes changes at 4K block level after deduplication on the main site. The information can be quickly confirmed in the Bynet Cloud in the event of a disaster at the primary site.
The SnapVault solution allows you to backup NetApp Snapshots to the Bynet cloud. This solution is designed to store long-term (SAN and NAS) data according to the desired backup policy in your organization. Enterprise information can be restored in the Bynet cloud or on-demand client database.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Utilizing existing storage system capabilities
  • Uniform management of the central storage environment and DR using NetApp tools
  • Backup of physical servers on the site using OSSV
  • Cold DR is included in the service fee (a possibility to quickly recover virtual machines in the Bynet cloud)
  • Sync back after recovery from DR (Resync)

VCloud Availability – DRaaS:

  • The vSphere Replication Appliance is deployed on-site
  • Managed: protection, failover, failover-test and failback per VM
  • RPO: From 5 minutes to 24 hours
  • RTO: Machine Rise Time
  • Up to 24 previous restore points
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Integration with the vCenter OR Web Client interface
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