Bynet’s expertise in information security and cyber networks enables it to offer a variety of advanced cloud solutions to protect the organization from the growing number of cyber attacks.

DDoS Mitigation
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks are one of the most famous cyber attacks today, both because they are very simple to implement and because of their high effectiveness. The purpose of these attacks is to prevent services resulting in economic losses, damage the organizational reputation and loss of communication with its customers. The proposed solution combines an on-site protection solution designed to protect against DDoS attacks with limited scope, while larger volume attacks are adequately addressed by the cloud solution working in conjunction with the on-site solution managed and staffed by security experts 24 hours a day.

Cloud Firewall
The Cloud Firewall solution enables the organization to receive next-generation firewall services (NGFW) in a cloud configuration, ie, wherever the organization’s employees are located – both in the organizational environment or away (in their home, for example). The cloud solution enables the application of a unified information security policy to all employees of the organization, in any given scenario and everywhere.

Cloud WAF
The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a service intended for any organization that exposes a website to the general public. The rate of attacks against such sites is one of the highest in the world, with the explicit goal of breaking into the organization by breaking into the organization’s public website. To protect the organizational site, it is necessary to implement an advanced solution, focused and easy to operate and apply. The Cloud WAF services enable the rapid and efficient deployment of a designated protection layer on all the organization’s sites. The application of the solution is unique to the relevant organization and its website for maximum effectiveness in preventing attacks, and skilled and professional analysts manage the service.

Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints
Cyber ​​attacks are a common threat to most organizations. AMP is a smart and advanced enterprise-class solution that analyzes and protects against such threats.

MDM – Mobile Device Management
In an age where Mobile solutions significantly affect our lives and fundamentally change the way organizations do business, we need to provide an organizational solution for mobile products to provide protection and privacy accordingly.

Additional information security services:

  • Anti Virus – Preventing attempts to infiltrate the organization via malware
  • Anti Spam – spam filtering services and virus scanning
  • URL Filtering – Advanced site filtering by categories
  • Application Control – Blocking and setting policies for using apps
  • Sandbox – analysis and identification of spyware as an additional layer of protection
  • SSL VPN – secure remote connection
  • OTP – Strong identification service


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