Video conference
Video conference is A part of the Unified Communication product line that enables organizations to improve communication between their employees and the service provided to their customers via video calls from any device, at any time.
The solution integrates all the user’s video devices – desktop and video, mobile phones, tablets, personal video systems and Telepresence Systems, creating a new and innovative private communication environment, offering a unique and high-quality user experience.
Bynet offers its customers a rich variety of Cisco and Polycom paraphernalia as well as advanced equipment from a wide range of other hardware manufacturers while meeting their budget targets and technological needs. The equipment ranges from personal video phones through personal video stations to room systems in a variety of models.
The diversity provides a solution for all types of sections within the organization and is built around a unified user experience that enables simple integration and smooth transition between the various devices in the organization.

DS – Digital signage solutions for maximum exposure
Digital signage is now one of the world’s leading multimedia technologies for businesses and advertising companies. It serves as a distribution platform for content, marketing information and organizational information in a simple, secure and convenient way for businesses seeking maximum exposure.
A broad range of solutions enables the transmission of information to a single screen and hundreds and thousands of screens spread throughout Israel and abroad.
Bynet Communications markets several advanced DS solutions, based on “cloud Bynet” or on-premise, such as APSPPACE and BRIGHTSIGN, as well as built-in solutions integrated directly with the screens of SAMSUNG and PHILIPS.
Bynet Communications enables the connection and operation of the system to its customers via a cloud interface or a local interface for easy and safe control and transmission of digital signage content to screens spread throughout the organization.

Video streaming
Bynet launches the next era of live video consumption and on demand. The system enables customers to receive end-to-end managed services, video encoders, Cloud Transcoding System, end user management, DRM, advertising management, Cloud Video Recording, content distribution and analysis.
Bynet provides video streaming services, streaming media over IP, live and on demand for a broad range of devices, Smart phones, Tablets, PC and STB. The system, developed by Bynet, enables the customer to receive end-to-end managed services: video content management system, Cloud Transcoding System, Live Encoders, end-user management capabilities, DRM, advertising management, Cloud Video Recording, CDN, And display interfaces for end users.

The system is installed on the Bynet cloud, connected to all Internet providers in Israel and global CDN’s worldwide. It provides managed video services to organizations in Israel and worldwide, on the Internet and via private communications networks.
Bynet selected Cisco’s CDN as the content distribution system for these services. VideoScape is the world’s leading content distribution network and is being used by the largest companies in the world. Bynet has Cisco Triple Master certification and is the only company that has received this certification outside the US.

VOD – video systems for organizations
Bynet specializes in providing a variety of video solutions, both live and in multiplex broadcasts (broadcasts from the archive) on demand. Enterprise video systems have matured and offer capabilities and features that fit all organizations and can be tailored to the organization’s needs by size, structure, network structure, content creators and the amount of material produced.
Bynet’s video experts provide a variety of solutions available in the market and believe in providing the most appropriate solutions on demand and in the field.

Educational institutions
Today, the video platform is one of the primary tools for students and in some facilities is a critical component in knowledge transfer.
Bynet offers the following applications in the field:

  • Remote learning systems
  • Lectures
  • Viewing of specific parts of content to deepen understanding and knowledge
  • Freezing of the video frame
  • Slowing down or accelerating the video for a fast-talking and slow-talking lecturers

Video services for Businesses
Video applications improve the capabilities and knowledge of employees while saving traveling time and costly training centers.

  • Corporate Communications: applications for holding company meetings (mainly in companies with multiple branches), senior management presentations, management announcements, press releases and more
  • Employees advancement: training, informal learning, introduction to new hires, documentation and preservation of organizational knowledge
  • Marketing & Advertising – Sales Training, Webinars, Product Launch
  • Customer Service – Video of Questions and Answers, Product Demonstrations, Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting Trainings
  • Customer / Partner Training – Training for certifications to customers and partners

Variety of video applications per requirement
Bynet provides its clients with up-to-date video systems that enable the following applications:

Recording, capturing and creating content

  • Materials from dedicated recording studios
  • Recording from classrooms using dedicated hardware
  • Independent recording via screen capture and webcam

Central management, permissions, editing and analysis

  • A portal for content creators
  • Content Catalog – Adding metadata, tags and links to content channels
  • Permissions, Including SSO capabilities
  • Distributed content editing: video editing, synchronized slides and captions
  • System usage analysis – for each content and each user
  • Management of storage space for any content creator
  • Portal for IT administrators in the organization for system setup and system linking to parallel systems

Administrator error alerts

  • Search, Distribution and Playback: An enterprise video portal that makes searching and finding content an easy and quick experience.
  • An easy to use video player featuring multiple capabilities
  • Connection to eCDN for on-Premise systems and CDN connection for cloud systems, both for live video and on-demand
  • A link to Video LMS systems such as Moodle, Brightspace
  • Video player suitable for all accessories: computers, smartphones and tablets


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