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Bynet is a seasoned and experienced integrator in the local market, and a selected AWS partner. As partners in many different ranges of business verticals and AWS Nimbus cloud, it is our mission to team with AWS cloud in joint efforts to provide elastic, scalable, fitted solutions to fit our customers’ needs at all times.

With our experience and know-how of cloud journeys in sync with AWS best practices we strive to be our customers first and best point of contact for their cloud operations.

We are thrilled to join this journey of AWS region launch in Israel, as we know it is only the beginning of many great things to come.

Become a Cloud-Enabled Company

Bynet helps you align your business goals to the Digital World

Pay Per Use The digital era has introduced a new flexible business model that allows organizations to buy and pay just for the IT resources they need. Bynet prides itself on building an economic viable public cloud solution. When designing the solution we do not focus only on the technological side of things, but also consider the organization's workflow and needs, and use various pricing models
Vendor Independence One of the challenges of migrating to a global public cloud solution is vendor dependency, as customers are 'locked-in' to the service provider they have selected. From its inception, Bynet has maintained its independence as a service provider. We will help your organization build a scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure, selecting the platform that makes most sense for the organization's use-case
Agile & Scalable Building the right architecture is the key for a viable public cloud solution. Bynet cloud services follow the Scalable & Agile approach. Our solutions are based on these principles and designed to utilize the intrinsic benefits of a public cloud
OnPrem & Cloud Integrator Is it really possible to integrate advanced cloud environments without losing the ROI and knowledge of existing systems? Bynet's decades of experience in integrating traditional systems, partnerships with leading and innovative manufacturers and providers, and our in-house expertise in current cloud technologies allow us to build flexible and unified public, cloud, or hybrid cloud solutions
Secure & Compliant Protecting the organization's resources is one of the main concerns when migrating to the cloud. Bynet is a leader in enterprise cybersecurity solutions in Israel and a partner of leading global data security companies. Part of our public cloud cybersecurity services are comprehensive and complete cybersecurity solutions to meet data compliance regulations and standards

Journey to AWS with Bynet

A Full Set of Global Public Cloud Solutions for All Your Needs

AWS Certified Partner

Bynet provides the most current cloud solutions on AWS platform. We build a custom solution to each client according to the required performance level, simplicity, and cost management

Migration & Refactoring

How to migrate to a AWS successfully? We have devised a migration strategy that addresses the main migration challenges: 1) Defining the services, costs, and responsibility; 2) Selecting the right migration approach; 3) Application-related adjustments; 4) Support in adapting processes and the organizational culture, and continuous technical support

Cloud Solutions Ecosystem

Bynet provides a unique ecosystem of holistic end-to-end services: reliable migration, automation, cloud data security, monitoring, and cost-management. At Bynet, we often use the built-in solutions of the cloud platform providers, but also integrate proven third-party services and solutions that help optimize the cloud environment management

Multi-Clouds & Hybrid Clouds

There are three approaches to IT management in the age of cloud computing. Some organizations prefer to work with a single cloud services provider, some prefer the Multi-cloud approach, while others opt for a hybrid cloud environment that combines public cloud services and on-premise infrastructure. Bynet experts will design apply the right approach when selecting the cloud solution that best fit your organization’s needs

Managed Services

Not to be overlooked, a critical aspect of cloud environment management is the post-migration service in terms of resources, performance and costs. Bynet offers a managed service with automatic cloud services and resources management tools, and cloud experts support team. This configuration allows customers to benefit from the advantages of a public cloud service while reducing risks

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Bynet offers DevOps services, methodology, and continuous support for cloud application development environment), ALM, Source Control, Performance Monitoring, Infrastructure as Code, automation solutions, application and database conversion services to various PaaS environments

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AWS and Bynet Customer Success Story

A customer in the Enterprise data industry migrated to AWS, the customer is working with enterprises, banks, and other financial institutes and had a requirement for a customized API based authentication solution for each client, with highly secured users access for over 24 hours. The obstacle was to enable the wanted solution, by using AWS native tools. Such a request held a challenge which was to establish the solution under some limitations and provide access without harming security measures and strict policies of the end users. The challenge: By using Cognito only, the access would be provided for 24 hours only which is not meeting the customer's needs, by using inner structure Lambda - the customer would have to maintain TXT files, which would involve extra working hours and possibly opening for harming the constant work streamline. We resolved this issue by adding a Lambda layer on top of Cognito, to assure fluent and secure API connectivity for all users. By doing so, we have saved the customer valuable time and resources, kept his and his client's security standards, and simplified his workflow with seamless user access. This is only one of many cases where our expertise and experience in AWS secured and well structured architecture has optimized results for our customers.

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Public Cloud Services - Business Unit Manager

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