Bynet Cloud IL

A variety of local cloud services on a multi-site platform

Secure and high availability cloud services hosted in data centers in Israel

Efficient service and management

As a local cloud provider, Bynet’s proven help and support services are available 24/7 in Hebrew. Bynet provides tools and solution to help organizations manage cloud infrastructures and measure their performance: cost management, capacity management, performance management, unified policy management, and more.

Unique Business Model

With Cloud IL it is easy to plan a budget for cloud services. Cloud IL customers benefit from a scalable business model that can grow with the business. No hidden fees.

High availability

Bynet Cloud IL is a high arability architecture designed to eliminate downtime and interruption of business. The cloud infrastructure is made up of leading solutions and hosted in Bynet’s data centers in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The cloud services are accessible through fast dedicated lines and/or the internet.

Agile and Flexible

With Bynet’s cloud platform you can manage the cloud resources in real-time, adding or removing resources as needed with limitation. This allows you to quickly spin up new services without any long-term commitment.

Comprehensive Cloud Services Portfolio

Bynet offers a comprehensive and complete cloud services portfolio, including: • IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, CaaS • Business continuity solutions • Backup & DR • Connectivity and Data Security solutions

Secure and Compliance-ready

Bynet provides advanced security based on leading data and cyber security solutions to protect all organizational assets, both in the cloud and on-premise. Bynet Cloud IL is in compliance with The Privacy Protection Authority regulatory guidelines in Israel, and meets international standards

Bynet Cloud IL

Public Cloud Solutions Hosted in Data Centers in Israel

Business Resiliency Bynet's Business Resiliency service is one of the most advanced offerings in Israel, and includes: BUaaS (Backup as a Service) and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service). Together they ensure business continuity across all assets: networking infrastructure, data security, and data storage Read more
IaaS & CaaS Bynet's IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud service is designed to migrate all networking infrastructure — Compute, Storage, Load Balancing and Network — to a virtual machines in the cloud. CaaS is a cost-effective and resource-efficient alternative allowing organizations to run the networking infrastructure in Containers on an open source platform Read more
PaaS Bynet's PaaS platform simplifies the deployment and management of business applications, such as IaaS, DbaaS, IaC, in the cloud for automation and application orchestration in different environments, alongside a secure FaaS system for secure file sharing in a cloud or an hybrid cloud configuration
Storage as a Service Bynet Cloud Services provide storage solutions for all data types: Block File and Objects Performance is tailored to the organization's needs, from high-performance systems to highly efficient systems for data archival purposes
Multi-Cloud Management Bynet provides tools for managing all your cloud environments — Bynet Cloud, Public Cloud, Private Cloud — as a unified network through a central control and management platform
Managed Services Both cloud-based and on-premise IT systems require routine maintenance. You can opt for Bynet Managed Cloud Services, which includes: monitoring, support, hardware and software updates, change management, failure detection and recovery, and proactive optimization Read more

Customer testemonials

The solution we were looking for is a cloud that gives us the ability to manage and handle all things in one place with backups, with survivability and access from anywhere, if it's a change in disk volumes, if we suddenly need more powerful servers, everything happens at a very fast pace, in seconds. When you take managed services (of Bynet) you get a solution that gives you an end-to-end solution

Lior Popovich, VP of Technology and Information Systems, Afikim Transportation

Flavio Mantelmacher

Business Unit Manager- Bynet Cloud IL

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