We’re living in the digital age where response time and communications with the customer are at the center of the marketing efforts of companies and advanced service centers. To meet these demands, Bynet offers its customers a variety of customer interaction communication solutions. The customer interaction solutions enable advanced, unmediated communication anywhere, anytime, maximizing opportunities across all platforms:

  • switchboard
  • instant messages
  • single messaging platform (voice mail)
  • fax to email service
  • call routing via speech recognition

Dedicated Customer Interaction solutions for contact centers

  • Managed service
  • Install on-site Client On Premise
  • Advanced service centers systems
  • Fax to email service
  • Call routing via speech recognition
  • Modern IVR systems

ACE – contact centers Management System and Digital Interaction

  • Bynet CHAT – Online chat service
  • Bynet PROACTIVE – users targeting capabilities via the chat module by learning the nature of the users’ behavior and habits of surfing, while presenting marketing messages using visual cues and sound effects.
  • Bynet BOT – A smart, tree-based automated decision-making system for automatic response to customers, before they reach a service representative or beyond the hours of human-based chat. Our BOT includes personalized customer interactions (personal answers) by integrating the organization’s systems and the customer’s information.
  • Bynet DOCS – allows call agents to send clients requests for real-time document copying via SMS or email. The system allows sending digital documents for filling and signing, including PDF files. At the end of the process, the digital documents are sent back to the representative, enabling closure of the clients’ request one phase.
  • Bynet VIDEO – a module that allows a video call between the representative and the user, using the Flash or Mobile app.
  • Bynet WEBDOCS – Web forms generator with shared browsing capability, allowing the representative and the client to view only the site’s screens.
  • Bynet SERVICEAPP – Implementing a customer service carousel on websites or in any digital media
  • Bynet MAIL – An email and fax management module that enables monitoring and oversight of all incoming emails from clients and allows full documentation of all correspondence.
  • Bynet SMS – Management of service calls. Also, allows receiving personal information via SMS messages
  • Bynet SOCIAL – Customer Relationship Management: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and any social network module made by API implementation. The system is designed to manage all referrals coming from social networks, including a dedicated customer service application designed to operate service calls originated from the Facebook page.
  • Bynet KB module – a built-in call scripts module that adapts itself to the client’s query and includes answers, templates and links to be sent immediately to customers.

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