CyberDome solution using Portnox, Symantec and other - Bynet

All range of Security needs, tailor made for your orginization

About CyberDome

CyberDome service was designed by Bynet Communications' information security engineers based on many years of technological experience.
The system provides a complete multi-layer cyber protection for the organization and integrates the advanced protection products of the leading manufacturers in the market: Cisco, RSA, McAfee, CheckPoint, Symantec, Broadcom, Portnox and Beyond security. All this combined with a command and control system operated 24/7 by the leading analysts in the industry.
The system replaces and / or integrates with the organization's information security system in an integrative manner and provides most business organizations in Israel with end-to-end protection without additional costs for additional products.
The service is offered for a fixed monthly fee that is known in advance depending on the number of users in the organization, and constitutes a saving both in terms of eliminating the need to purchase and maintain security equipment and in terms of saving valuable manpower for managing, involving and handling cyber alerts.

System Architecture

CyberDome solution using Portnox, Symantec and other - Bynet

Why Choose CyberDome?

Multilayer cyber defense against all attacks
24/7 analyst for real-time network monitoring
Proactive to detect potential threats
Redundant the need to purchase equipment
Fixed monthly cost of information security
Weekly / monthly reports on all events identified
CyberDome solution using Portnox, Symantec and other - Bynet

How Does it work?

After an accurate mapping of the network structure in your organization, we will provide you with a CyberDome unit that contains the service components:

Threat Extraction- Flattening system for the SMTP protocol (preventing intrusion of threats through email services).

Content filtering system – control, detection and containment of network threats while Web browsing.

An EDR system that performs control and containment of threats at end stations based on real-time intelligence.

A vulnerability scanning system from the most up-to-date information sources in the world (Vulnerabilities Assessment).

Command and control system for the organizational security system – SIEM.

Next Generation FW for detecting attacks and abnormal network behavior including at the application level.

MOBILE protection – using a monitoring system that prevents browsing offensive sites and phishing attacks.

EPS for protection of laptops and Mobile

Our customers testemonials

"When I started looking for the right service, I realized that I needed a comprehensive set and not a specific product. The CyberDome service gives me the same comprehensive solution, based on leading technologies from the best global cyber manufacturers. It is an aggregate-based solution that addresses all the vectors I was looking for. Combined with a 24/7 SOC hotline and an intervention team, who come to me during an event "

Ram Zubari, Director of Information Systems, Israel Police Funds

CyberDome solution using Portnox, Symantec and other - Bynet

Ilan Matsliah

Head Of Security & Cyber Division

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