Bynet launches the next era of live video consumption and on demand. The system enables customers to receive end-to-end managed services, video encoders, Cloud Transcoding System, end user management, DRM, advertising management, Cloud Video Recording, content distribution and analysis.

Bynet provides video streaming services, streaming media over IP, live and on demand for a broad range of devices, Smart phones, Tablets, PC, STB. The system, developed by Bynet, enables to receive end-to-end managed services: a system for managing video content, Cloud Transcoding System, Live Encoders, end user management, DRM, advertising management, Cloud Video Recording, CDN, And viewing interfaces for end users.
The system is installed on the new Bynet Cloud and connected to all Internet providers in Israel and global CDN’s worldwide. The system provides managed video services to customers in Israel and worldwide, on the Internet and via private communications networks for large organizations in Israel and abroad.

Bynet selected Cisco’s CDN as the content distribution system for these services. VideoScape is the world’s leading content distribution network and is being used by the largest corporations in the world. Triple Master certifies Bynet, which makes Bynet the only company that has received this certification outside of the United States.

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