Bynet provides organizations with advanced switchboard solutions, virtual conferencing rooms (MCUs) and Contact Center using innovative cloud-based Cisco technology.

UCaaS- Unified Communication As A Service 

A rich communication channels platform:

  • switchboard
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video conferencing in HD
  • unified messaging (voice mail)
  • Advanced service center systems
  • Screens sharing
  • Fax to email service
  • Call routing with speech recognition
  • Modern IVR systems

Cost reduction – No software and hardware costs required, without maintenance costs. The payment is deducted as an OPEX (Operating Expense)

Efficiency – Communicate from anywhere and anytime, increase the collaboration of employees, customers and suppliers, use a variety of secured devices and solutions, gain access to enterprise applications from personal and mobile devices.

Secured communication – Secure and risk-free data communications

Reliability – a solution by Cisco – the world leader in communications gear.

Globalization – clear and high-quality communication from anywhere, anytime and through any device

Operational flexibility – Ability to expand and add new applications at any time

Innovation – advanced user experience alongside implemented simple solutions

Subsistence – higher survivability of data and service availability

Customer Story – Care:

 Contact Center Services

An advanced contact center system, developed for various types of interactions with service
and sales centers. The system includes advanced tools for managing the center, including
historical reports and real-time reports.
The system features all the components required for smart and efficient management of the
center, based on up-to- date information and enables the creation of a compelling, rich customer
experience at a price that allows both medium and small organizations to enjoy the most
advanced tools today, all delivered by an advanced Cisco switchboard.

The agent-bar provides the representative with a "step-by- step" navigation capability during the
handling process. The ruler is flexible and easy to operate and includes reports on the agent's
working status at a given time. It is a flexible tool that allows content changes and display

Administrator tools
The system features one centralized administrative tool for managing the organization's
customer relations center. It is a powerful tool with control capabilities regarding system design,
configuration, ongoing management, monitoring, reporting and control. System configuration
Allows changes and adjustments without the need to writing any code.

Shift Manager – Real Time Monitor
The Client Center Manager is equipped with a broad range of monitoring and control tools. The
cutting-edge tools feature an advanced real time monitor, a warning system and a rich past
reporting system. These tools reflect the manager in real time the "pulse" of the customer

Smart routing of incoming calls
Smart routing of inquiries contributes to the satisfaction of calling customers and increases the
productivity of the customer relations center. Each organization has its own set of business
rules, which will determine how an incoming call will be handled. Smart routing of the call to the
right representative combines customer profile information, representative skills information and
following the business rules.

Services while waiting in line
Enables to Offer services while waiting in line: information regarding caller status on queue,
expected waiting time, general information and promotion of marketing messages.

Future expansion
The system expands to coincide with the growing needs of the organization and allows the
organization smooth transition to a complete solution

Video Bridging – Tele-Presence As A Service

The interaction between people, their way of thinking and their work is no longer as it used to
be. A new generation of employees joins the labor market, bringing with it a new style of
communication, different work habits and social cooperation. The new workplace is where
employees can operate efficiently – and on a wide variety of devices. Face-to- face
communication over HD (high definition) video is one of the most efficient media platforms to enable it.
Bynet Video Bridging Benefits

Interpersonal communication with customers and suppliers
Improved inter-organizational communication for distributed organization
Reduction of travel expenses
Improved collaboration for employees who are frequently traveling through online meetings
based on high definition voice and video conferencing
Employee access to collaborative tools (knowledge and information) through smart devices,
anytime, anywhere, and via any communication infrastructure
Straightforward and user-friendly service
Fast, unified and secure deployment in the organization
The expense component is known in advance without the need to install, upgrade and manage
expensive solutions
Based on Cisco solutions with proven and secure architecture

Bynet Video Bridging helps you leverage your competitive advantage and collaborate with your
business and organizational partners:

Virtual Conference Room (VMR) – A secure voice and video conferencing room enable a
meeting place for users both inside and outside the organization. The Conference Room
supports content viewing and display in a variety of resolutions.

Virtual Ports – Assigns HD conference resources to your organization.

Smart Office Systems – The latest Cisco office systems, suitable for deployment in existing or
new conference rooms of various sizes – from small offices, meeting rooms to large offices.
Integrated screen systems – Upgrading existing conference rooms to video and collaboration
centers by implementing the latest Cisco office systems to promote intergroup communication
and collaboration.
Bynet value-added services offer planning and implementation of multimedia rooms,
conference rooms and smart meeting rooms.

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