Advanced Wireless, Mobile and IoT Solutions
Bynet is the leading ICT integrator in Israel.
The company offers a broad range of leading integrated wireless & IoT solutions, for various sectors and organizations in every category, featuring key capabilities of the leading manufacturers in the market.
Bynet’s team of professionals accompanies complex projects from the planning and characterization phase, via integration, through the delivery of the project to short- or long-term service.
Bynet is set to provide all the required solutions in the worlds of data security, system, collaboration and more. The multi-disciplinary capabilities provide the company with a significant advantage in all matters concerning cross-company projects, in which involvement of various bodies and technologies, as well as complex integration is required.

Our wireless & IoT solutions and services:

  • Leading WLAN-based wireless solutions for business – Production secured environment, combined with the leading manufacturers in the world for perfect integration and implementation from the holistic organizational point-of-view.
  • RFID-based solutions for production, control, logistics and security, RTLS combined with leading manufacturers in their fields.
  • Cloud-based wireless solutions, integrating advanced capabilities and rapid implementation solutions.
  • PTP/PTMP/Mobility solutions are featuring substantial broadband capabilities, a high degree of system durability and survivability, and customization to the customer on request, both at the level of work frequencies, volume and costs.
  • Consultation, planning, development and integration of operational and technological solutions in compliance with the specific requirements of customers in the security sector.
  • Diverse solutions and specialization in BLE-Beaconing & RTLS platforms for the various medical, commercial and business environments.
  • Consultation, planning and integration of Indoor Navigation solutions for medical environments and shopping centers.
  • IoT solutions – consultation, planning and integration of sensors combined with some of the leading management and orchestration platforms.

Leading the IOT front in Israel

The “Internet of Things” (IOT) changes the faces of businesses, generates opportunities for new sources of income, creates and facilitates smart interactions with customers and provides greater efficiency to all technological strata combined with an appreciation of the client’s business need.
In the real promise of IoT is buried the possibility to integrate data automatically generated with human-generated data, which facilitates a deeper understanding and supports making the correct decisions in real time.
The IoT applications will significantly impact industries for the best and will enable, among other things, new business models, greater operational efficiency and utilization, the capability to make real-time decisions – based on real data from the field, multi-channel communication, management, monitoring and projecting by systems.

Generating the perfect customer experience

To channel the perceptions of the business operated by sensors and connected systems to understand your customers better, to project market trends, to invent the future.

To renew and create new streams of income

Your connected system will offer comprehensive and innovative intelligence that will facilitate constructing new services and revenues by the same traditional products.

To make central business areas more efficient in the core of the business

IoT can facilitate a display united between various sectors of activity, without location dependency.
It will demonstrate the efficiency of supervision of productivity throughout the length and breadth of the organization.

Reduction and greater efficiency of time and costs

When data flows smoothly between instruments and people, operational expenditure can significantly be cutdown, efficiency can be increased by empowering workers and by doing more with less, security and safety can be improved and decisions can be taken rapidly, in an informed manner and based on real-time data.

Pay as you grow – paying for actual usage does not necessitate a massive investment from the first day.

Proactive management of the business expansion

Management of systems based on real-time data facilitates decisions taking process.

Intelligence and perceptions gathered will assist correcting problems in advance, long before they occur in scenarios such as – Identification of a failure in a machine in advance; increasing uptime; precisely projecting the requirement for and type of replacement parts, creating a revolution in your customer experience.

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