Bynet offers a unique solution to the transportation market based on wireless mobile technology/ mobile broadband wireless access, capable of providing high bandwidths that are stable and secure, while maintaining service quality throughout the route. This technology is dedicated to the customer and is not shared among several users (as is the case with cellular technology). This ensures a high quality communications service that does not depend on or require wired infrastructure.

Our transportation solutions include:

  • High bandwidth on uplink / downlink allows the a two way transfer of broadband traffic  (for example, video traffic on high definition between the base station wagons)
  • Resistant air interface allowing high availability and optimum performance
  • Reliable wireless connectivity and broadband speeds of moving trains
  • Railway route coverage with wireless base stations every few kilometers (according to topology and state regulation), while performing a rapid transition between base stations
  • Redundancy for the system design, for continuous operation without interruption
  • Real-time monitoring tool for improving maintainability
  • Wide range of frequencies supported in the Sub 6GHz allowing for design flexibility and overcoming of local regulatory restrictions
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