The cloud-based IaaS services allow customers to operate from a single virtual machine to complete virtual environments. Bynet’s IaaS provides complementary services such as performance-based storage, various types of backups, advanced data security services, and more.

Services offered include IaaS solution. The IaaS solution includes:

  • Facility infrastructure
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Computer infrastructure
  • Software infrastructure (including hypervisors)
  • Operating systems
  • running virtual machines on the Bynet’s public cloud.

Virtual machines can be backed up using built-in tools in the cloud environment and can even create a DR environment for them.

Each virtual machine in the cloud includes:

  • Processor and memory by machine type
  • 50GB disc volume
  • Operating System Licensing (Windows / Linux)
  • 1Mb Internet connectivity
  • A valid IP address if necessary
VM Size vCPU Memory
Small 1 2
Medium 2 4
Large 4 8
xLarge 8 16
xxLarge 16 32

Additional features and services:

  • Extensive storage according to required performance levels
  • Virtual Machine Backup includes a consistent backup option for applications
  • Using a shared or private FW
  • Web load balancing services
  • Communication line for connection via Internet/transmission
  • Application licensing
  • Affiliate Support Services
  • Hosting center of physical servers at the Bynet site in Jerusalem / Tel Aviv
  • DR environment for virtual machines

* Application licensing in the cloud is according to the requirements of the software manufacturer

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