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Bynet Security is the information and data security division of Bynet Communications, Israel's leading ICT integrator. We offer a broad range of information security and cyber solutions to the various sectors and organizations of any size, all handled by the best professionals that the market has to offer that will accompany you professionally while paying attention to the details, from the planning and characterization stage through the implementation and delivery of the project.

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Everyone talks about cyber today, we bring you the best articles written by a series of experts in the field.

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Attention, Cyberdome

Real time intelligence, learning and development are the foundations of the modern cyber security concept. Bynet’s Cyberdome, the first managed cyber service in Israel, facilitates dealing with today’s threats, from end to end

A World Without Borders

The transition to cloud applications allows companies and businesses to be more agile, to respond and be more available than ever before, as well as to engage in and focus on their core businesses

The Diary of a CISO

Operating automation tools for cyber security is a revolutionary concept that will change corporate data security management

Why Bynet Security?

How we are different from the rest and what makes us better

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It is said that there is no wiser person than the one with experience. In the world of security. This expression becomes even more relevant because there is no room for errors, every mistake leaves a gap and a breach calls for a thief. Our extensive experience in implementing solutions in a vast range of customers gives you, the customer, a peace of mind and the knowledge that you have deposited your digital assets with the best.

Any bright IT manager knows that working in front of a significant number of service providers in the same domain is sometimes harmful rather than beneficial. Instead of carrying out his work, finds himself the IT director of the organization as the entity that links those factors. With Bynet Security, things are different, we can offer a broad range of information security and cyber solutions that will reduce the need for additional service providers to the necessary minimum.

In addition to being able to provide a broad scope of information security and cyber solutions, we are also part of a much larger integration group that will give you the required solutions in the worlds of the system, communications, collaboration, IOT, wireless and more. This significant advantage changes the rules of the game when it comes to cross-company projects concerning the involvement of a variety of disciplines from information systems.


Information security solutions

Here you will find our full range of solutions and services

Project Management Whether it is a mega project or a smaller one, we will be able to create cooperation between all the parties taking part in the project while reducing costs and maximizing profits.
Cyber ​​Dome Cyber ​​Dome Is a managed service for all the information security needs. The service includes a unique combination of cyber defense and human intelligence solutions.
Solutions Architectural Solutions are part of Bynet's DNA, this is what we have been doing for more than 40 years, gathering the finest experts and the best technologies available to the ICT market.
Endpoint Security A challenging world that incorporates a broad range of solutions for many threats such as: Ransomware, APT, Zero-Day Attacks, based primarily on Behavioral Analysis & Heuristic Algorithms.
Network Security In the world of Network Security you can find an extensive range of solutions to protect the network infrastructure from Firewalls, IPS, Deception Solutions, NAC and more.
Application Security In an age when Web applications are responsible for handling a lot of sensitive information on a daily basis, their security is becoming vital and challenging. We provide WAF solutions to protect applications, both locally and on the cloud.
Messaging Security The e-mail channel is the number one vector of attack today. We offer a variety of solutions for filtering and protecting emails and attachments, as well as preventing leakage of information in the outgoing channel.
Mobile Security Mobile devices have long become an integral part of our work environment and. The range of solutions we offer is extensive and includes MDM, Containers and more.
Data Security The information protection layer is highly sensitive to protect on the one hand and maintain work processes on the other. DB Security and Data Exchange Security solutions are part of our portfolio.
Cloud Security The solutions we offer address access control for cloud applications, protection of transit information, and handling of cloud-based information under unified, manageable interfaces.
Identity and Access Management Managing entities and controlling users and identities is a necessary procedure in any regulated organization. We offer a broad range of solutions in the field, such as PIM and IDM, to standardize identity policies in the organization.
SCADA Security SCADA Security has been gaining momentum in recent years thanks to a great deal of rising awareness. We offer solutions such as FW SCADA and IPS SCADA from leading manufacturers.

Cloud information security

Cloud computing has been gaining momentum over the last few years and we are witnessing a tremendous growth in organizations that are increasingly using the cloud infrastructure for their business needs thanks to the wide range of benefits that the cloud offers - economically, operational wise, managerial and more. Overall, it is safe to say that cloud solutions now address the many needs of organizations that have been forced to deal with difficulties and solutions for years when they were required to translate a business need into a sustainable information technology or system. The experts do not argue about the advantages of cloud computing. There are different opinions about its suitability for each organization, but its benefits are indisputable. At the same time, one issue remains open and opinions are divided about cloud security. There are some different aspects to securing information in the cloud, such as: cloud access (security), security/encryption of cloud-based information, access to cloud-based information etc. When we characterize information security solutions for the cloud, we recommend that you contact us for any advice/implementation of cloud security solutions and we are confident that you will find answers to all questions that remain open regarding cloud security.

Service above all

Excellence in service is part of Bynet's business culture and therefore we are always working to provide our customers with the most professional, efficient, quick and courteous service.

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