Why Choose Bynet Cloud Services?

  • Business & technological compatibility
  • Managed end-to-end service
  • Managed security services

Our cloud services meet today's business and technical challenges, accelerate development and conversion, and reduce costs.
The cloud is hosted in Bynet's data centers and features advanced management systems, secure infrastructures that provide operational control and automation of cloud resource allocation, management and billing while reducing business risks through efficiency and high availability.

Our managed services help you to operate your technological environments successfully. We provide you with technical expertise, consistency, service, and flexibility in multiple technologies and geographic dispersion. Reduce costs and improve efficiency with a high service methodology and service level to meet your organizational SLA.

Cloud services are deployed in several data centers to ensure business continuity. We provide you with the cyber security expertise and experience you need to secure your organization. Take advantage of our comprehensive security solutions that extend your local and cloud IT infrastructure to respond quickly to any security event

Our Customers

Welcome to Bynet cloud services

Managed end-to-end cloud solutions


An integrated platform for gathering, monitoring, analyzing, alerting, and reporting of all IT events, logs analysis service and performance metrics across all physical and virtual data center infrastructures including servers, storage, networking, security devices, users, location and applications.


The One Automation solution for cloud environments accelerates deployment and management of application services, improved business agility and operational efficiency.

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File sync & share

The solution is designed to provide the full spectrum of cloud-based files services across and outside your organization: Synchronizing and sharing files between multiple devices and users

vCPE services

Centralized management of network functions for dispersed sites, including service-cycle control capabilities and automatic security

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Streaming Video & Audio

Bynet launches the next era of on-demand live video. The system enables the customer to receive end-to-end managed services

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The cloud-based IaaS services allow customers to operate a single virtual machine as well as complete virtual environments

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Cloud Storage – Purchase cloud storage based on the performance you need at any given time


Cloud Backup – Use the variety of backup technologies in the Bynet cloud and secure the material required to ensure business continuity in your organization

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Cloud Disaster Recovery – Use Bynet’s Disaster Recovery capabilities to keep your organization operational in any scenario

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Bynet’s expertise in information security and cyber networks allows it to offer a variety of advanced cloud solutions to protect the organization from the growing number of cyber attacks

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Devops PaaS

Bynet cloud services provide DB environment, adding the IIS layer with its components along with advanced solutions for managing DevOps & Containers environment

Manage Private Cloud

A unique cost-effective model that enables the creation of a private cloud platform, operated by Bynet’s DC complexes

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Bynet’s innovative service allows organizations to purchase cloud-based monitoring services on demand. The service includes proactive monitoring and identification and troubleshooting of problems

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Service above all

The purpose of the managed services is to take responsibility for the IT system in the organization, while proactively managing and operating the customer's systems. The Layers model enables the customer to consume services on four levels, all together or separately: hosting services at the highest standards.
Service is managed on the platform in diverse content worlds, as a cloud service or as hybrid infrastructure. Cloud based solutions as a platform and as a service and NOC-based proactive monitoring shell.

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