Bynet Communications is the business partner in Israel of Automic Ltd.) operating since 1985), the most recognized platform in this field and was nominated as the BEST VALUE AUTOMATION PLATFORM.

Bynet has established a unit exclusively for handling the Automic platform, which includes a team of 10 professionals, comprised of industrial and management engineers, who provide full support, from the ongoing handling of users, through characterization of processes, to full implementation of the platform.

Each organization has islands of management capabilities and localized automation tools – but there is a need for one main tool that can connect them all. Automic interfaces with each enterprise application, for example: SAP, Oracle apps, Informatica, and any other application, designated or not.

The available automation processes are:

  • Running job scheduling between different servers in the organization
  • Transferring managed folders between the various operating systems
  • Automation of applications – running any organizational application from the automation tools and creating a flow process without interruptions in the middle
  • Automation of virtualization – automatic use of virtual hardware resources
  • DR AUTOMATION – a complete monitoring system for DR switching that connects to all DC layers: infrastructure, communications, applications and data. The system enables full supervision of the transition to the DR, with an indication of each process that passes, including built-in certificate management.

Advantages capabilities of AUTOMIC’s automation system:

  • One solution, one platform, one automation.
  • Consolidation of islands of automation distributed across different systems: Windows orchestrator, backup scheduling, Vcenter, Networking, Cloud services, Applications, Databases, etc.
  • Reduction of the number of required automation tools.
  • Identification of event patterns, improving the organization’s ability to withstand both SLA and Predictive Analysis.
  • Integration of individual processes into a consistent, logical, traceable process across various locations and multiple computing platforms.
  • Reduction of the number of tools needed to manage the work environment, simplifying management processes, increasing flexibility, and reducing costs.
  • The system can identify event patterns that can affect the ability to meet the required level of service and automatically works to resolve problems before they occur.

Today, Automic is ​​integrated into more than 3000 organizations worldwide, including Vodafone, Facebook, E-bay, Netflix, Comcast, Disney, Bet365, Adidas, Bosch and Israel. UPS, Delta Galil, The Tel Aviv municipality, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Super-Pharm, Orbotech, the Nisko Group, the Ayalon Highway, “Bayit Balev” and much more.

Solutions for hybrid environment management automation (multi-clouds)

The “One Automation solution” for cloud environments accelerates deployment and management of application services, improves agility and operational efficiency.

The following capabilities empower IT to precisely and rapidly demonstrate the value of deploying an automated cloud infrastructure on demand:

  • Built-in custom functionality – Automation for cloud environments was developed to enable a proven enterprise solution for the distribution and continuity of private and hybrid cloud management services, based on a broad range of implementations and deployments for organizations with the most demanding work environments in the world.
  • Business focused personalized control and administration: Allow IT managers to implement business rules with cloud infrastructure, without changing organizational processes or policies. This way, Organizations have the ability to achieve the flexibility required for business units with the understanding of the need to be different in service levels, policies and automation processes according to their needs.
  • Provisioning and management of application services – Acceleration and deployment applications by streamlining the process by eliminating duplication of work using reusable components.
  • Infrastructure provision and lifecycle management – Transform the end-to-end deployment of a multi-vendor infrastructure, breaking down internal enterprise “islands” that slow the delivery of IT services.
  • Expandable on demand – “One cloud automation” provides a full spectrum of possibilities for empowering IT professionals to enable, customize, and extend their cloud to work within processes already existing in the existing IT infrastructure, thereby preventing expensive service engagements while reducing risk.

The benefits of integrating “One cloud automation”:

  • Simple self-service – on-demand access to personal infrastructure and application services.
  • Automatic execution of services – of end-to-end service provision, infrastructure management and implementation of existing infrastructure, tools and processes.
  • Application deployment – Provision and management of standalone applications for qualified platforms with out-of-the-box and third-party application components available in the Automic marketplace.
  • Unified cloud management – seamlessly adapting various private, public and hybrid cloud providers. Build your service once and deploy anywhere.
  • Management-based policy – Ensuring that each user receives the right size, resource or application computing needs at the right level of service for the job they need to perform.
  • Flexible automation platform – Quickly and extensively enable to customize, built-in functionality to meet unique business IT needs.
  • Improves Time as an added value – Empowering IT to transform existing computing into infrastructure resources or scalable platform as a service in a few days, with existing IT investments and business policies and IT processes and established business processes.

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