Use a variety of backup technologies in the Bynet cloud to back up the material needed to ensure business continuity in your organization.
Bynet provides various backup solutions that address a broad range of customer needs and requirements:

  • Advanced backup services for existing cloud information:
  • Backup services for all site hosting clients in physical and virtual environments
  • On-Prem-on-Premises and cloud services (as part of a unified solution)
  • Backup and archive services from the customer site to S3 services in the Bynet cloud
  • Workstation backup

Bynet’s cloud backup solution (BaaS) enables managed on-site backup and enterprise-class cloud intelligence:

  • Cloud backup machines
  • Backup data to the cloud at different levels of SLA (instant restore/archive)
  • Backup local information and full/selective replication to the cloud
  • Duplicate data to the cloud via existing software
  • Backup and archive from client site to S3 services in the Bynet cloud
  • Workstation backup
  • Backup of remote branches

Below is a diagram describing the backup concept of cloud Bynet:

How the system works Briefly:
The Actifio system captures the data from the production systems at the block level and in the native format so that the information can be restored immediately. In the first stage, the system produces a Golden Master Copy, which is a complete physical copy that does not depend on any data storage structure of one kind or another. From this point on, subject to the defined SLA level set by the administrator, the master copy is updated on an incremental basis based on Snapshots from the source systems, maximizing bandwidth and storage resources.
After creating the initial image, the system can provide a visual copy of all the data according to different points in time for any purpose. This copy is called Snapshot Pool.
The data is captured intelligently and by the type of systems and data utilizing API’s for virtualized environments and dedicated connectors for physical servers.
In addition to the master copy, the system enables the creation of a compressed copy using Compression and Deduplication technologies, thus preserving the system’s maximum generations, while maximizing the storage space allocated to it. This copy is called Deduplication Pool.
DR – The system enables the creation of a remote copy from the Deduplication Pool using an asynchronous replication. This copy is available on a separate site and subject to an SLA policy that can be different than that specified on the main site. This provides a protection solution that includes two complete and independent copies of the data in two separate locations that can be reconstructed when necessary.

CTERA Backup Concept:

Hybrid Integrated Local and Cloud Backup:

  • Backup to remote branches and file-level workstations and Bare Metal
  • Built-in encryption to secure data backup, Data at Rest and Transit (AS256 / SSL128)
  • Backup Application Aware for SQL, Exchange, AD, Hyper-V and SharePoint
  • Local copy backup for high availability of recoveries and a remote copy in the cloud

Efficiency and transparency:

  • Incremental Forever backup only backs up block level changes
  • A small, low-resource agent
  • Data compression capabilities to reduce backup and bandwidth volumes
  • Ability to schedule backup times and manage backup bandwidth consumption

Comprehensive workstation backup:

  • Automatic backup for individual file recovery
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Folder-based backup so you can choose what not to back up
  • Straightforward and fast recovery by Self Service Portal for users and Admin

Synchronize and share files

  • Sync files between multiple devices and access from anywhere to the same user
  • Sync files between multiple users (creating Dropbox Enterprise)
  • Sharing files outside your organization is a substitute for FTP



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