Cloud Computing
Bynet is a leading integrator in the computer infrastructure field. The company works with large and innovative manufacturers in the IT market. The various manufacturers with which the company works in collaboration with, enables its engineering and sales team to precisely customize the solutions to the specific requirements of every customer.
Using its extensive knowledge of the computing world and constant monitoring of technological innovations, Bynet offers its customers a broad range of technologies, combined with advanced integration between the various products and solutions.

Advanced data center infrastructures
Bynet provides design and integration services of turnkey data center infrastructures, traditional or software specified, from end to end, combining best of breed technologies. The company’s team of experts provides a response to the most complex assignments: servers, storage, communications, data security, management and monitoring, automation within the cloud computing concept, including an emphasis on business continuity and reduction of the overall maintenance cost.

Converged and hyper-converged united infrastructures

A cost-effective revolutionary arena in the computing world that enables operational simplicity of Datacenters, flexibility, scalability and high growth capability. Bynet provides a broad range of solutions from both worlds.
Converged – Vblock solutions (Cisco, EMC) and FlexPod solution (Cisco, Netapp)
Hyper Converged – These technologies come in a variety of applications such as:

  •  VMware VSAN
  •  Cisco HyperFlex
  •  EMC VxRail (VSAN based) and VxRACK (ScaleIO based)
  •  Stratoscale – Managed OpenStack

Data Center
Bynet’s world of advanced servers includes the full range of services, from “pizza box” servers and high-density server cases to blade cases and central management and monitoring of the organization’s servers. Bynet is set to supply its customers with a server farm customized for every need, such as: BM environment for core applications, virtual systems, HPC, High Density and Big Data.

Solutions for big data and analytics infrastructures
Big data and analytics constitute the backbone of many organizations, which regard the information in their possession as their primary asset. The domains of marketing and service are based today on infrastructures and applications such as Hadoop, Splunk and more. To enable organizations to make the necessary step up for management today, Bynet provides the most up-to-date solutions in the market and opens the doors to new worlds of knowledge and business perception.

Advanced storage systems
Bynet works with a variety of leading manufacturers of new technologies in the storage domains (SAN / NAS / Object / Scale Out / SDS) and supports systems such as: Big Data, Containers, NVMe and All Flash Systems.
To provide its customers with the optimum service, the storage systems in the company’s storage portfolio offer high functionality combined with excellent performance together with continuous optimization of storage capacity, as well as business and technological flexibility.

Data protection and business continuity
The computing environment is not complete without the advanced protection of the environment with the configuration of backups or DR sites. Bynet offers abundant solutions in the field of data protection, integrating local solutions along with cloud-based solutions.

Private and hybrid cloud
The knowledge accumulated at Bynet in the construction of the public cloud enables the company to combine the diverse technologies to establish a private or public cloud for its customers, from the hardware planning level to the integration of management and monitoring software for the cloud based environment.
In the framework of the various solutions, Bynet utilizes IaaS, PaaS, Saas, Infrastructure Automation solutions with the concept of advanced automation and free consumption.

Bynet provides its customers with OEM processes management services, from the characterization stage to integration and manufacture in Israel and abroad, including inventory management and quality assurance.

Automic automation solutions
The service suit offers holistic automation and timing systems that integrate with all the components in the customer’s environment and manage the processes within the organization.

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