Bynet Data Center Services

Bynet offers some of the most advanced and secure hosting services in Israel and the world

UTI Tier

The Benefits of Choosing Bynet Data Centers

Bynet assumes full responsibility for managing the systems and securing the data you host in our data center

5 Data Centers in Israel

Bynet built and is operating five cutting-edge data centers. Our underground data centers are located in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Lod in locations categorized as low threat areas in Israel

Tier 3 Classification

Bynet’s data centers are classified as a tier 3 data center, which means the customer systems will remain operational even during unplanned facility maintenance. A Tier 3 data center provides full redundancy and a 99.982% uptime

24/7 Availability

Bynet provides operation and support services at the data center 24/7/365, with an SLA guarantee for High availability. All Bynet data center services are managed according to the ITIL framework. Like all Bynet data center customers, you will have access to ‘finger services’ and the wide variety of solution provided by Bynet as the leading IT company in Israel

Highest Level of Data Center Security
Bynet’s data center conforms to he highest and strictest security standards. The security measures include: concrete enclosure, reinforced walls and doors, CCTV system, 24/7 security patrols on-site and the perimeter, biometric access control, and additional security measures to safeguard our customers’ assets.
Redundant Connectivity Services

Through its data centers Bynet provides a wide range of third-party services and access to the service providers in Israel

Data Center Hosting Services

Hosting Services You no longer need to plan, build, and operate expensive and complex infrastructures. Bynet provides secure and regulatory compliant hosting and management services in underground data centers located in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Lod
Manage Private Cloud
Connectivity Services Through different service providers and manufacturers, Bynet offers connectivity and internet plans that include survivable ISP + infrastructure service in Israel and internationally to meet your bandwidth needs
Eye and Finger Services Bynet provides full eye and finger services that ensure high availability to your organization. The services include: rebooting servers, system tests, strapping (jumper setting), changing tapes, and more
Managed Services Bynet's MSP services include: NOC and SOC services, routine operation, monitoring, proactive maintenance, software and hardware updates, 24/7 support for core systems, and an option for end-user support Read more
Cyber Solutions CyberDome is an umbrella security service providing multi-layered protection against cyberattacks. CyberDome is using advanced security solutions by leading companies in the cybersecurity space: rsa, checkpoint, symantec, cisco, mcafee, portnox, etc Read more
IaaS Services You can also add an IaaS component to your hosting plan for every infrastructure type you wish to migrate to Bynet's data center: Compute, Store, Network, Load Balancing & Security Read more

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Data Center Business Unit Manager

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