Bynet’s new Data Center campus was built in the Har Hotzvim area, (near Jerusalem) in an accessible site that is defined as a low threat area per the threats map of Israel.
The facility offers comprehensive operational services and advanced computer systems that will replace the need to purchase and upgrade expensive and complicated infrastructures in one place and provide a complete end-to-end solution for your organization’s 24/7 hosting and backup needs.
The site is the most advanced facility of its kind in Israel, providing TIER 3 solution, 1,700 square meters at the size, the total power of 350, 1.7MW computing basis with a capacity of up to 20KW, operated per the ITSM model and complied with the ISO security standard.
The site was built based on environmental planning that will enable energy saving and reduction of operating costs as well as environmental protection.
The Tel Aviv servers farm is located on a protected basement floor in the Ramat Hachayal area in ​​Tel Aviv, in the high- tech compound belonging to the RAD-Bynet Group.

Services at the server farm facilities include:

“Finger services” – which enable the remote management of physical components (equipment located on the site that is ready to provide assistance, maintenance and support services).
Managed services – enabling any service required by the customer (database management, etc.).
As the leading integration company in Israel, we offer the integration of the Data Center – per the four layers model:

  • On the first layer – hosting your computing equipment, in a facility that enables future expansion
  • On the second layer – Bynet’s advanced computing equipment is available and allows you to advance to the next generation of computing equipment
  • On the third tier – an array of advanced cloud services that will enable the hosting of the entire organizational computing infrastructure as a managed service.
  • On the fourth layer – our team of experts will provide structured support, consulting, planning and maintenance of the systems in the facility.

The selection of a facility managed by the leading integrator in its field, chosen by the leading organizations in Israel and abroad, will guarantee you comprehensive support and an array of complementary services, in the highest quality, availability and level of update.

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