Sharon Rozov, Marketing CTO at RAD says It’s time to speak the customer language.

Networking is the language we speak – an ever-evolving lingo that we share with industry professionals.

But all this know-how, and nuances, isn’t comprehensible to people who are not involved in the innerworkings of networks. Like your customers.

Business customers’ goals focus on their organizations’ productivity. They don’t care, nor should they, about delay variation, packet loss and other network KPIs. Their SLAs should include terminology that is clear to business professionals and corresponds with the way they use your services.

So how are your business customers using their network services? 

RAD is now going beyond its network-centric scope to address this exact question. The idea is to build context that corresponds with customer intent, and switch to terminology that speaks of customer, location, service, and application – in other words, to provide instant access to the customer’s experience.  That is why our recently launched RADinsight service suite is turning network data into customer-centric, meaningful and actionable insights.

We believe that having instant access to this data will benefit CSPs in multiple ways, from streamlining their workflows and giving real-time inputs to their customers, to offering targeted value add services.

RADinsight gives CSPs visibility into how their customers are using their network. It applies intent-based analytics to user data samples that are passively collected from the EADs in their network, without the need to install additional probes in the service path. We also look at historical data to identify trends and abnormalities, and assign quality scores per customer, location and service.

RADinsight PM (Performance Monitoring), the first launched RADinsight service, is about customer performance monitoring end-to-end. We’ve added a cloud-based portal with a dashboard to quickly detect the source of experience degradation by enabling visibility into the customer’s LAN and cloud services, not only the CSP’s own WAN.  Instead of complex and long fault isolation and troubleshooting processes that negatively affect the service, CSP support and operations teams can now immediately identify the problem, and even allow their business customers to do that themselves.

It’s time to speak the customer language. Beyond substantial savings to CSPs, we believe that it will increase the value of your offerings, YOUR value as a CSP, as perceived by business organizations.

The future of networks lies in the ability to drive actionable intelligence by gaining instant insights. RADinsight.

:About the author

Sharon Rozov, a thought leader in telecom market transformations, focuses on market trends, tech scouting, product strategy and incubation. She holds a Computer Engineering degree from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

In her first decade working in telecom, Sharon worked as a voice network architect.

In her spare time, Sharon enjoys researching genealogy – her own family tree spans five continents!