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Think wide

To think broadly according to Bynet means to be a technological partner for our customers, one that offers comprehensive solutions and services. As the leading integration company in Israel and as an emerging player in the international arena, Bynet fully meets the ICT needs of all organizations in the economic ecosystem. For you, this is an extraordinary opportunity to be exposed to the abundance of technological worlds in a variety of fields, projects and professional challenges that will enrich your career, adding you knowledge, experience and interest. And that's why we're here.

Think far

When you think 'career,' you are probably thinking far away - about a professional internship that will let you leap forward, a work environment that will enable you to realize your unique potential and, in a great measure, your future. As a company that has been at the forefront of the Israeli high-tech scene for more than four decades, we believe in long-term thinking and long-distance running. These are reflected in everything we do - in developing our solutions, in our professional partnership with our customers, and with those that enable us to continue leading our workers' race to excellence. As a company who perceives people as the most powerful resource of society, we make sure to create the infrastructure and atmosphere that will enable them to move forward and lead - a place to grow and develop, and no less important - that they have an island of stability and employment security.

Think together

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. for this reason we consider teamwork to be one of the cornerstones of our work. The professional atmosphere at Bynet and its organizational culture supports mutual empowerment and classless conduct and paperwork, heightening the pride of the unit and the sense of "togetherness." The feeling of involvement of our employees does not end only in the professional aspect. With the full encouragement of the company's management, they become full partners in creating the organizational experience and the human experience, taking part in producing social events and designing the social and physical work environment.

Think big

Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship - these are much more than beautiful words. It's a worldview. As a dynamic company that continues to reinvent itself, we encourage employees to do so, giving them fertile ground for creativity and a supportive infrastructure for entrepreneurship. The professional development paths of the employees, which include professional training courses, enable them to grow, assist them in their personal development and drive them to think big. For us, this is the way- And it proves itself every time.

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